AIR SUPPORT- A couple tests out the strength of Irene's winds at Chapaquiot Beach.  [08.28.11]MAKING THE MOST OF IT- A skateboarder finds a creative way to use the powerful wind. [08.28.11]UPSIDE DOWN- A boat in Chapaquoit Harbor succumbs to the winds of Irene.[08.28.11]GOODNIGHT IRENE- A storefront in downtown Falmouth sends a message to the hurricane on a taped-up front window.  [08.28.11]BRACING FOR THE STORM- A Woods Hole resident prepares for Irene's impact. [08.27.11]UPROOTED-A tree falls on a bank in Falmouth.  [08.28.11]STRONG WINDS- A tree on Sunday gives an indication of the strength of the wind from Irene on Cape Cod. [08.28.11]DAREDEVILS- High school girls live dagerously by swimming in the waves churned up by Irene at Falmouth Heights Beach. [08.28.11]FRONT ROW- Brave wave watchers view the storm surge on Falmouth Harbor from a second story balcony. [08.28.11]UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL- A wave watcher takes a shot at damaging waves in Falmouth Harbor.  [08.28.11]FLOODED NEIGHBORHOOD- Residents wade in the rising water in a Falmouth neighborhood. [08.28.11]ROUGH RIDE #1- A sailboat is tossed in the waves in Woods Hole.  [08.28.11]ROUGH RIDE #2- A sailboat submerges as it is tossed in the waves in Woods Hole.   [08.28.11]SPRAY- A usually calm harbor is pummeled by high seas and crashing waves.  [08.28.11]THE WALK MUST GO ON- A resident contemplates his decision to walk his dog during Hurricane Irene while he passes under a damaged tree. [08.28.11]